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HM70A with Plus

HM70A with Plus

Featuring advanced imaging technology incorporated in compact hardware, the HM70A with Plus is the right choice for physicians and sonographers who want to deliver excellence in patient care and clinical efficiency wherever they go.

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Product Description

Hybrid Imaging Engine

The combination of hardware and software imaging engine offers fast data processing and in-depth scanning.


ClearVision™ eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing clear image clarity.

S-Vue Transducer (CA1-7AD, CV1-8AD)

S-Vue transducer covers broad bandwidth providing high sensitivity allowing easy visualization of difficult cases.

Needle Mate™

With pinpoint precision, Needle Mate™ delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks.


ElastoScan™ displays the gradient value of tissue displacement via color map to provide useful information on tissue stiffness.

Auto IMT™

Auto IMT™ allows fast measurement of the carotid artery intima-media thickness (IMT).

CW Mode

Advanced CW mode helps to detect blood flow regurgitation.


Strain displays a Bull's Eye which shows left ventricular motion and dysynchrony at a glance.

Stress Echo

Stress Echo provides a series of customizable reports which help to analyze cardiac changes under stressful circumstances.

Fast Booting

SSD technology enables powering on in 60 seconds from the powered off state, and in approximately 14 seconds from the sleep mode.

Full Screen Mode

With one touch, users can expand the image area to fit the entire screen, optimizing the view for image analysis.

EZ Exam™

EZ Exam™ transforms multiple steps into a streamlined process.


QuickScan™ quickly optimizes brightness with the touch of a button.

3D XI™

3D XI™ allows for easy manipulation of 3D volume data.

Volume NT

The combination of hardware and software imaging engine offers fast data processing and in-depth scanning.


SFVI (Smart Filter Volume Imaging)™ improves 3D image quality with the touch of a button.

Curved Array Transducers

Linear Array Transducers

Volume Transducers

Endo-Cavity Transducers

Phased Array Transducers

CW Transducers